Current Programs


  • Green Press Initiative

    Founded in 2001, Green Press Initiative is focused on minimizing impacts on forests, climate, and people through advancing environmental responsibility in publishing and the paper industry. As a result of Green Press’ U.S. book sector work, recycled fiber use has increased nearly 13-fold in the past few years and approximately 55% of publisher market-share (over 230 publishers) now have environmental policies in place. The Initiative is also working diligently to ensure that the full climate impacts of harvesting trees for paper is accounted for at the product lifecycle level. The Initiative is also working within the U.S. newspaper sector and is a leading organization in the effort to transform the paper industry at-large.

  • Dream of a Nation

    Dream of a Nation is a national public awareness and capacity building effort that is dedicated to elevating awareness and inspiring action related to a range of critical social and environmental issues. The project is multi-phase and ranges from a recently completed citizen’s handbook and web platform to teacher curricular materials and planned citizen contests, web videos, and community events. Participants in the Dream of a Nation project include:

    Paul Hawken

    Alice Walker

    Amy Goodman

    Al Gore

    Veterans for Peace

    Education Trust

    Geoffrey Canada

    Free Press

    Green for All

    Common Cause

    National Priorities Project

    & 50+ more

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  • Project for Improved Environmental Coverage

    The purpose of the Project for Improved Environmental Coverage is to expand the definition of what environmental coverage means, deepen environmental reporting, and improve the quantity of environment-related stories across a range of news media outlets and platforms. We have worked with a group of media industry stakeholders (Grist, Huffington Post, TIME Magazine, Society of Environmental Journalists, and others) to develop a Vision document that will serve as a scaffold for innovation for news media outlets that commit to its principles.

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  • Kilowatt Ours

    Kilowatt Ours is a program that empowers communities to improve America's environment, health and economy by educating and inspiring people to conserve energy and choose renewable power. Staff from SEE Innovation were involved with the early development of Kilowatt Ours as an organization – informing its strategic planning, fundraising, and growth.

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