About Us


SEE (Social, Environmental, Economic) Innovation’s mission is to build awareness, capacity, and structures for social and environmental transformation.

SEE Innovation staff have been developing new programs and initiatives since 1993 and currently the organization maintains multiple active national programs.


Our Team

SEE Innovation has a small but mighty and dynamic team!

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Our Projects

SEE currently has three active programs- Green Press Initiative, Dream of a Nation and Project for Improved Environmental Coverage.

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Organization Funding

SEE Innovation’s programs are funded primarily through grant foundations. Present and past funders include: Green Press Initiative: Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund, The Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund, Katz Family Foundation, Giles and Elise Mead Foundation, Merck Family Fund, Overbrook Foundation, Town Creek Foundation, Wallace Global Fund, Weeden Foundation Dream of a Nation: Herb Block Foundation, Foundation for Sustainability and Innovation, Park Foundation, Shumaker Family Foundation Past Funders: S. Mark Taper Foundation, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Fiscal Sponsor

Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs has been SEE Innovation’s 501[c]3 fiscal sponsor since 2004. SEE’s mission is to nurture and encourage ecological and humanitarian activism and education – serving in this capacity for nearly 100 organizations worldwide.

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